Bishop Anne Germond

Current Calendar Events:

Mid-week Service St. Brice's Church:

Tuesdays: 7PM Bible Study

Wednesdays: Evening Prayer at 5PM



A small group meets to pray on Tuesdays at 7:30am.



  • Sunday Joint Services are every 1st Sunday at 10AM;
  • Sun Feb 3 after Service: Linger Lunch & Vestry Meeting;
  • Fri Feb 11 @ 7PM: "Dusty Gems" - Christ Church Anglican;
  • Mon Feb 15 @ 7PM: Ultreya at Christ Church Anglican;
  • Wed Feb 20 @ 12noon: ACW at St. Brice's;
  • Sat Feb 23: "Coldest Night of the Year Walk"
  • Note on Calendar for Regular programs: Friday Teen Lunch, Messy Church and Tuesday Morning Bible Study; and Alpha;

Note: Canadian Anglicans are invited to compose prayers to offer  for the Church Parishes or Dioceses. This initiative called “Heartbeat” is important in light of the next General Synod in July 2019, which may be a divisive gathering. Interested people from St. Brice's Church may gather during the coffee hour after the December 16 Lessons and Carols Service.

All are welcome to contribute.

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