Current Calendar Events:

Mid-week Service St. Brice's Church:

Tuesdays: 7PM Bible Study

Wednesdays: Evening Prayer at 5PM



A small group meets to pray on Tuesdays at 7:30am.



  • Sunday Joint Services are every 1st Sunday at 10AM;
  • Saturday June 8 at 9:30AM - "Transitions Layreaders" workshop by The Rev. Marie Loewen & Bill McCaskill at  Christ Anglican Church on Greenwood Ave. All are welcome.
  • PARISHES PICNIC - A Sunday afternoon picnic is planned for June . Date and locations TBA - Johanna, the Deanery Facilitator.
  • “THE POOL” a planning is in place to solve the water flooding problem in the Reading Room in the basement. Contributions are welcome at the budget is $10,000.
  • PANCAKE BREAKFAST: June 15 Father's Day AT 9:11am. Proceeds will be toward the “The Pool” and a tithe toward our companion Diocese of Tarime in Africa. All are welcome.
  • SYNOD DELEGATES -The Spiritual Development Committee suggested that we pray particularly for our General Synod delegates in the lead-up to the mid-July meetings. Algoma delegates are:  Anne, Deborah, Aidan, Hugh, Giles and Jakob.
  • ‘THY KINGDOM COME”  - At the request of Archbishop Anne – this is part of a worldwide ecumenical campaign – a number of parishioners committed two Sundays ago to pray for 5 people they know, to know Christ and to be drawn into the community of the Church. This prayer focus is intended to be held between Ascension Day (May 30) and Pentecost Sunday (June 9). Please remember to pray – it has an impact! If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please see                            
  • See the above Calendar for all events

Note: Canadian Anglicans are invited to compose prayers to offer  for the Church Parishes or Dioceses. This initiative called “Heartbeat” is important in light of the next General Synod in July 2019, which may be a divisive gathering.

All are welcome to contribute.

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