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St. Brice's Church Events:

Bible Study Every Tuesday @ 7PM

Fridays: the Teen Lunch Program every Friday @ 9am / Food at 11:30am to 1pm

For more info or to help please contact Eva Black through Church Office.

Fellowship: Both the Messy Church @ 5pm and the Games Night @ 7pm

are now combined to the 3rd Saturday of the month.  (Note in May the 2nd Saturday)


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Inter-denominational Prayer: North Bay House of Prayer (NBHoP) - View Poster

Weekly / Every Tuesday at 7PM - NBHoP meets at The Harour, 30 Lees Rd., North Bay, ON


FGBMF North Bay Chapter Dinner - View Poster

Guest Speaker: Roger Gingras

Friday May 4, 2018 at 6PM at the Holiday Inn

Meal: $20 /person. Catered by Dianne Esch

Please call for reservations or info: (705) 474-0716 email:





A play by the Voice of the Martyrs Canada held in two North Bay performances locations:

Tuesday, May 1 at 7PM - South Shore Church & Wednesday, May 2 at 7PM - Bethel Gospel Chapel

Bethel Gospel Chapel is hosting SOLITARY REFINEMENT, a nationally touring stage show. How does someone survive 14 years of torture, imprisonment, and starvation? Voice of the Martyrs Canada is sponsoring a national tour of a new stage play that enacts incredible true stories of best-selling author Richard Wurmbrand, and addresses Christian persecution around the world today. Actor Dennis Hassell says, “In researching Richard Wurmbrand’s story, I was surprised by joy. I discovered a man overflowing with hope and love—and even humour. Amid the suffering, he found the supernatural. He found Christ in ways more tangible than we normally find in our comfortable churches.”


The production was four years in the making. “The play is affirming and informing, but also challenging,”

states VOMC’s CEO Doug McKenzie. “It poses a powerful question in the here and now.

Would we be willing to suffer for Christ, as others are doing in so many countries today?”

Poster for download for your Church bulletin

Press release "SOLITARY REFINEMENT" - Bethel Gospel Church

Trailer, Photos and more at

One Minute Video:

Two Minute Video:




Hope Awaits Grand Opening

Saturday April 28 from 1 to 4 PM

390 First Ave E., North Bay, Ontario, P1B 1K1

Telephone: (705) 494-5465



Office Hours: Monday to Friday 1PM to 6PM





Other Information:

The Documentary: The Case for Christ documentary  featuring Lee Strobel and Biblical Scholars

Evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This documentary is a great overview

and refresher of the authentic authority of Jesus Christ Himself, which Lee Strobel discovered in his

research-trek.  Worth the 1hour of your time.


Regarding movies: "God Is Not Dead" and new release this fall: "Let There Be Light"

Life Today, James Robinson – 1st Interview: Kevin & Samantha (Sam) Sorbo, "Let There Be Light", Interview July 4/17

The filmmaking couple talks about their latest movie and their motivations for sparking a spiritual awakening.

Formerly the actor in the movie “God Is Not Dead” they speak about their new movie “Let There Be Light”

Books: Kevin Sorbo “True Strength” and Mrs. Sam Sorbo, “They Are Your Kids”


Life Today, James Robinson – 2nd Interview: Kevin & Samantha (Sam) Sorbo, Pursuing Purpose, Interview July 6/17

The couple behind the new movie “Let There Be Light” talk about the message not only behind the film, but behind their entire lives.

Kevin also speaks passionately about his new project the new audio Bible called “

An audio version of the Bible where all the voices of the characters are done by actors’ voices.

Biography: Kevin Sorbo


Movie Trailers:  imdb - "God is Not Dead"    @  YouTube - "God is Not Dead"

                         imdb - "Let There Be Light"  @  YouTube - "Let There Be Light"



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