Prayers are held morning and evening and meetings are listed in the calendar schedule.  St. Brice’s Church community has a very active confidential Prayer Chain of believers who are passionate to intercede with God for those in need.  A small group meets to pray on Tuesdays at 7:30am..

Bible Study

Studying God’s Word can be enjoyable in a warm fellowship setting that permits good dialogue & questions. St. Brice’s has variety of different Bible study groups to fit every person’s need on Tuesday nights at 7PM at the Church. There are two women's Bible studies at the Church on Tuesday 9:30 AM & Wednesday after the 11AM service for about an hour and a men’s Bible Study Friday at 7:00 AM.

Worship Music

Music at St. Brice's is provided by a combination of guitar, pipe organ and a band, all led by volunteers in the congregation.

From September-June, on the first Sunday of the month, there is a combined service at 10am.    On the remaining

Sundays, there is a more traditional service at 9am, and a more contemporary service at 11am.  The 10am and 11am services are displayed on a screen using PowerPoint software and a projector.  All of our Sunday morning services are celebrations of Holy Communion (the Eucharist).

St. Brice’s generally uses its beautiful pipe organ to provide music about twice a month at 9am, and at least once a month at 11am.  There is also a quieter traditional communion service Wednesday mornings at 10am. As well as a discussion time during the worship service, a hymn is sung each week, usually unaccompanied.

Evangelism and Outreach

Jesus told us to go into all the world and share His love and Good News with every person who is hungry for Him (Matthew 28:18-20).   St. Brice’s is an evangelical Church community concerned about the physical and spiritual welfare of the people in our community. We offer a food bank each Thursday, 9-10:30am and a Teens Lunch Program each Friday when school is in session.  We take worship services in local seniors' homes, and provide home-based visits and support as we are able.  We support in prayer and financial support ministries in our North Bay area and around the world.  For further information see our Parish Missions newsletter.


Children’s Ministry (praying in faith)

We would like to offer young children a time of teaching during the 11am service and have them return mid-point of the service to celebrate the Eucharist with their parents  and families.   However, without numbers we would like to have we will wait on God.  Our aim is to help children grow in Christ learning about His profound Love.



St. Brice’s has a family-friendly nursery area in the

back of the church with a nursing chair, a play area

equipped with quiet toys, books and puzzles

where children can play during the service



Messy Church - See the Events page and the link on the Resources/Ministries page

Messy Church is an inter-generational program for individuals and families, children and

adults, on the third Saturday of every month, beginning at 5pm. "Messy Church" is intended particularly for people who are exploring belonging to a Christian community, who are unable or unwilling to commit to Sunday morning worship.


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