Food Bank

Every Thursdays from 9 – 10:30 AM St. Brice’s volunteers faithfully hands out baskets of food to help families in need.  With current inflation rates adding pressure to the families’ grocery budget, the food bank is an essential ministry. Many donations of food and funds have supported this well-known and worthwhile program.   Jesus said: 'If we give a cup of water to the least of these we serve Him.' (Matt 10:42)



Altar Guild

A faithful group of committed ladies realizes the importance of keeping God's altar.   The Lord's Table is set with pristine linens, wine and wafers.   Nearly all the linens are made and embroidered by altar guild members.  They are changed in accord with the season or the liturgical Church calendar.




ACW - Anglican Church Women

Founded in 1885 by Mrs. Roberta Tilton & 7 brave ladies with the first chapter in Nova Scotia. Shortly after this branches soon sprung up in parishes throughout the church.  Anglican Church Women is not an organization but the ministry of faith-filled women; a ministry so varied and encompassing all the skills, talents, and God-given gifts of women throughout the Anglican Church in Canada – not just the women in the pews – but Anglican women everywhere of all ages.




Quilters and Card Makers

The Quilter's are a talented group of ladies who meet every Monday to quilt, fellowship, and eat lunch. The Card Makers make attractive handcrafted cards using fabrics and other materials. These cards and baby quilts are sold to raise funds to assist St. Brice's activities and local charities.





Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a 13 week video and study program which helps persons who are divorced and separated move through the healing process in a Christian environment. Many people have found healing and been able to move forward in their lives.





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